Prevx Cloud Anti-Malware (1-PC)


1 PC / 1 Year
A powerful Prevx product.
Prevx 3.0 Cloud Anti-Malware will detect, remove, and protect you from all forms of malicious threat – including Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Bots, and more…
Prevx 3.0 Cloud Anti-Malware is the world’s lightest and most powerful security application with an advanced Cloud Detection engine that draws upon the world’s largest threat database. This unique technology allows Prevx 3.0 to run as a full, standalone anti-virus / anti-malware, or alongside other antivirus, anti-spyware or internet security suites as part of a “defense in depth” approach.

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Key Prevx Highlights
Ultrafast scan engine: Average PC scan in less than a minute.
Compatibility: Prevx 3.0 can be used alongside other anti-virus, anti-spyware or internet security suites.
Threat database: World’s largest online threat database.
Cleanup: Fixes infected PCs. Quickly and easily removes rootkits, bots, Trojans, viruses and worms.
Protection: Powerful. Real-time. Combines antivirus, rootkit, anti-spyware and zero-day heuristics.
Notification: Infection alerts sent instantly via emal or SMS.
Support: Free US-based support via phone and web.
Rapid Scan
Prevx 3.0 incorporates a completely new and unique method to scan your PC, meaning it can perform a full PC check in 1-2 minutes, whereas other leading security programs may take more than an hour.
With ultrafast scans you will be much more likely and willing to scan your PC more often. Daily scans taking around a minute hardly affect your enjoyment of your PC at all. Once you get confidence in the consistently rapid scan times, you will find yourself running scans whenever you have any concerns about security – for example, before logging onto your Internet banking or when purchasing online.
Compatible & Light
People are often told they should only run one Antivirus program on their PC in order to avoid any compatibility issues – but with Prevx 3.0 we have removed that limitation.
Prevx 3.0 was built with compatibility in mind – therefore you could safely run Prevx 3.0 alone, but there’s really no reason why you couldn’t also run another security program alongside if you wished, which gives a deeper and more layered overall protection.
Prevx 3.0 also sets new standards at being the lightest security client available. It’s less than 900 kilobytes to download, takes mere seconds to install, and has the lowest memory and CPU usage of all anti-malware products.
Always Up-to-date
With all Prevx products, you never need to download a signature update in order to stay protected against the latest threats.
That’s because we recognize the majority of malicious files based on their behavior. Any signatures we do possess are stored centrally on our cloud-based malware database, meaning each user always accesses the most up-to-the-second determinations.
The Prevx threat database receives billions of threat events every day and learns of more than 250,000 new executable objects every 24 hours. The events and data that define the emergence, existence, propagation and behavior of these objects is correlated, aggregated and reviewed in real time by the World’s most powerful automated malware research operation.
Malware Cleanup
The vast database of more than 100 million unique executable objects allows Prevx 3.0 to quickly identify infections and know exactly what is required to remove them and restore the PC to safety and good health.


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