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Advanced, proactive protection against viruses and spyware in one great value subscription. SmartScan technology saves time by scanning modified items only, while Host Protection detects virus-like behavior and blocks malicious activity in advance. Download antivirus to equip your PC with most modern, reliable and effective protection.

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High-Speed Anti-Virus That Keeps You Ahead Of the Game — Performance Edition
Comparing Outpost 7.5 with Outpost 7.0
What’s Inside:
Improved! Anti-Malware module (Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware) for all-round malware protection
Improved! Proactive Protection module to block unknown and zero-day threats
New! SmartDecision technology for fast decision-making in security issues
Improved! System and Application Guard to keep installed software and OS protected
Self-protection technology to maintain continuity of protection
Improved! The 4th generation of SmartScan technology for speedy subsequent malware scans
New! USB virus protection to prevent malware which spreads via USB devices
Entertainment mode (for games and video) and Auto-Learn 2.0 (for beginners)


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