Universal AIR XML Generator


With Universal AIR XML Generator you can rapidly and effortlessly create or update the XML, images and texts for your slideshows, galleries and banner rotators.


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It crops or scales all at once the images for thumbnails, full screen preview or default view, then automatically generates the XML for each image and uploads everything to the production server via FTP.
Main Features
works with any XML format, including in-house developed slideshows, galleries or banner rotators
does multiple image resizes at once for all the image dimensions you need: thumbnails, medium size, full size, full screen preview, etc
the image resize is done by crop or scale
works with PNG, JPG or GIF and you can preserve or change the image format
supports albums and images can be saved in specific folders or renamed with suffixes
for the most used slideshows you just need to add images and texts
you can add your own fields to the interface (checkbox, text field, rich editor)
for each custom field you can add custom TAGs in the XML
you can save your own XML templates
the images and XML can be uploaded to the production server automatically


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